Workplace Climate Assessment

Workplace Climate Assessment

Workplace Climate Assessment

Through our workplace climate assessment, you will find that the results will reveal your climate strengths and challenges, with targeted actions to improve organizational health.

Go Beyond

Go beyond Engagement to employee Well-Being.

Workplace Climate affects Attitudes, Behaviors, Performance, and Results—in that order.  Typical Engagement Surveys are limited, both in the information they offer, and their utility.  Some include a handful of unrelated questions not even measuring Engagement.  Others are better, usually by tapping more traditional methods that create reliable and valid measures based upon constructs that fit into a nomological network.  Most treat engagement as an outcome.  We believe this is limiting.

We pursued some larger thinking around Well-Being at Work, placing Engagement as one key element in overall predicting Well-Being at Work.  With a different perspective, we were able to see that Fairness issues prove to be even stronger than Engagement in predicting Well-Being.  Our larger, more holistic model provides a different perspective and includes measures most important to your team members.  Bolster your performance and organizational success by going beyond engagement and see what you can accomplish when you target Well-Being at Work.

Workplace Climate -> Attitudes -> Behaviors -> Performance -> Results


Analyze predictors of business outcomes.

Decades of research has proven a link between employee attitudes, business health, and performance.  Our team of experts has worked on many projects across multiple years demonstrating links between employee attitudes and indicators of organizational success including Revenue, Profit, Client Satisfaction, Brand Image, and even stock price.

Is it success making employees happy or are happy employees creating success?

This is a logical question that has many possibilities for research tracks.  We have experience understanding likely flow of causation by looking at data across multiple years.  Patterns indicate that for most issues, the flow from attitudes to outcomes is stronger than the reverse.  Exceptions include Rewards – which makes perfect logical sense.



Compare to national benchmarks.

Our research outlined in our blog and white-papers covers some of the latest up-to-date measurements across a wide spectrum of industries.  Annual measurement projects from 2018 and 2019 helped us hone and validate our model of organizational health through Well-Being at Work.

We provide the foundation for understanding your workplace climate strengths and areas for development relative to national benchmarks averages in easy to understand graphical format.  We create clear understandings out of complex data that can help leaders make better, more evidence-based decisions that affect their teams.

Jack Welsh famously stated in 2019 that the narrow pursuit of shareholder value was

“the dumbest idea in the world.”

Fortunately, we have discovered that attending to more holistic issues in the workplace helps leaders to do the right thing by employees AND create greater value as a result.