Non-Profit Board Member Assessments

Non-Profit Board Member Assessments

Non-Profit Board Member Assessments

Through our board member assessment, you will find that the results will reveal areas of strength and specific challenges, with targeted actions to improve board governance and functioning.


Evaluate board performance.

Our measures provide valuable insights into your non-profit board’s performance on governance.  For example, how well do members understand fiduciary responsibilities and fundraising strategies?  How much progress are you seeing on creating lively, respectful, and insightful meetings?  Are you recruiting and planning for future membership by addressing weaknesses in skill sets and diversity of backgrounds?


Understand key issues like D&I, financial oversight, governance, and culture.

Get a handle on your non-profit board’s climate.  Many of the same issues that permeate workplaces and teams in contemporary organizations also play out on non-profit boards, but there are unique issues as well.


Targeted recommendations for improved functioning.

We work with clients to translate the analytics into targeted, evidence-based decisions to improve performance and commitment of board members.  This will help you address shortcomings and build on strengths to ensure the long-term sustainability of your non-profit organization.