Employee Experience Assessment

Employee Experience Assessment

Employee Experience Assessment

Through our employee experience assessment, you will find that the results will reveal the health of your systems and processes that affect employees, with targeted actions to improve organizational functioning.


Assess experiences through the employee life-cycle from recruitment to exit.

Employee experience has emerged as a major trend in HR. The way employees experience work has changed. To understand how individuals feel about their experiences with your organization, you need information from the source. Requesting feedback from people who apply to and join your company will help build a picture of what attracts people to and keeps them at your organization.


Measure employee behaviors and systems to improve proficiency.

Employee experience does not just focus on engagement. To take effective action on employee feedback, organizations need to understand the external factors that drive employee behaviors. We assess unique factors such as characteristics, work environment, relationship with employers and more.


Compare to national benchmarks.

Our research outlined in our blog and white-papers covers some of the latest up-to-date measurements across a wide spectrum of industries.  Annual measurement projects from 2018 and 2019 helped us hone and validate our model of Employee Experience.

We provide the foundation for understanding the structure of the organization and the experience through the employees. We create clear understandings out of complex data that can help leaders make better, more evidence-based decisions that affect their teams.