Workplace Well-Being Measurement, Benchmarks and Insights

Organizational workplace climate research in 2018, revealed a gap in organizational health thinking.  Healthy workplace climate research tends to focus on Employee Engagement. Research from 2018 and 2019 at Colihan Consulting discovered that Fairness is the number one predictor of Workplace Well-Being!

Our clients receive data-driven guidance to improve their workplace climate. We equip small and mid-sized business leaders, D&I, HR leaders and Non-Profit Executive Directors towards sustained success around holistic anonymous well-being measures about work and home. Organizational sustained success “S” is driven by smart business-savvy decision-making “g” and organizational health “h”. >>>>> S=gh <<<<<. (Lencioni, 2012).

Data Insights


Do you know the root issue behind your team’s performance?

Research shows a deep connection between attitudes, intentions, and behavior.  Starting with attitude surveys, data can be linked to desired outcomes - performance, revenue, profit, stock price... Correlations go both directions, with attitudes at time 1 predicting performance at time 2, and vice-versa.  Particularly with issues like rewards, good business performance can impact later attitudes. Colihan applies regressions and analytics to create evidence for precision guided decisions. We can help you perform from the root of attitudes on up to performance!  



Analytics is a catchy term! Analytics techniques have made great strides with artificial intelligence and powerful computer systems.

What does analytics mean to you and your wavering employee?

I-O Psychologist practitioners apply research, data, modeling, scorecards, and prediction - to improve employee experience. We help you make smart analytic use of dashboards, team training, and syntax! We partner to walk alongside your teams to help you actualize your vision, achieve your objectives and thrive! At Colihan, we help you understand your blind spots and change your leadership and YOU before your high valued employees jump ship.

Organizational Development


Organization Development - Our evidence for your change success

OD is a big umbrella, encompassing a wide scope of change efforts aimed at improving individual, team, and organizational performance.  At Colihan, we use evidence-based decision making to guide and evaluate change efforts that help you foster successful change!