Colihan Consulting LLC was founded in 2017.  Our vision is to help organizations and employees thrive. Our mission is to provide trusted data and expert insights that organizations can apply to enhance workplace climate and promote employee well-being.

Organizational Health through Employee Well-Being

Beyond Engagement.  We are a data and evidence-based global company located in the US that helps managers become heroes to employees while making well-being initiatives good for business. 

Our Values:

Awareness:  Understand the complex dynamics around people in the workplace.

Empathy:  View situations from multiple angles.  Everyone has a story and reasons for doing what they do.

Logic:  Follow the evidence and apply sound logic to solve problems.

Satisfaction:  Belief in the maxim that satisfied, engaged employees will have greater well-being, higher commitment to stay, stronger organizational citizenship behaviors, and better contributions to organizational success.

Trust:  If employees trust that you are looking out for their well-being they will look out for yours.

Joy:  Belief in the power of joy and humor to relieve stress and enhance teamwork.


Joe Colihan, Ph.D.   寇汉究   جو كوليحان

Joe Colihan, Ph.D.


جو كوليحان

Anthony Schulzetenberg, M.A.

Anthony Schulzetenberg, M.A.

Christina Honsa, M.S.

Christina Honsa, M.S.

Joe Colihan, Ph.D. I apply Human Resources experience, psychological science, and evidence-based decision making to create great places to work.  I partner with consulting firms, businesses, and non-profit organizations.  I have been practicing I-O psychology for 20+ years. I am passionate about the workplace because it is a big part of the human experience and we can make it better.

I have deep experience in employee engagement, selection, testing, and analytics.  My competencies include: Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Consulting, Research, Analytics, Selection, Assessments, Surveys, Engagement, Job Satisfaction, Diversity, Employee Well-Being, Telecommuting, Job Families, Job Ambiguity, Computer Adaptive Testing, Interviews, Client Experience, Validation, Focus Groups, Executives, Teaching, Training, Human Resources, Return-On-Investment, Compensation, Realistic Job Previews, and Retention.

I have taught courses in Personnel Management and Psychology Applied to Work.  I worked in Human Resources on global projects for most of my career.  I have a record of professional presentations and publications since 1989 and several successful and satisfied clients.  I served on the boards of the Information Technologies Survey Group (ITSG), and the Mayflower Group, and currently serve on the boards of Minnesota Professionals for Psychology Applied to Work (MPPAW) and House of Charity, in Minneapolis.

Anthony Schulzetenberg, M.A. Hi! I’m an applied social psychologist who is passionate about helping workplaces be great for employees and businesses.  I believe it is our interactions with others that drive our motivation, productivity, and satisfaction with our environment.  My doctoral research in Educational Psychology at the University of Minnesota focuses on psychological interventions to improve engagement, equity and diversity, and situational threats to performance.  I have worked with federal agencies and academic research teams to translate well-supported theories into real-world applications, in order to address clients’ specific needs.  My 12 years of experience as an entrepreneur and coach fuel my drive to guide leaders and teams towards solutions that benefit employees as well employers.  Utilizing validated assessments and targeted interventions, I work to break down barriers for marginalized or stigmatized groups while helping companies maximize their employees' potentials.

Christina Honsa, M.S. I earned my master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Capella University.  I bring a unique set of experiences to table with a background in Healthcare as a Psychiatric Associate, and use my training and background to promote health and wellness within different organizations.

I demonstrate success in timely results with individuals and teams across organizational functions. I have special skills and interests working with assessments and surveys, talent acquisitions, organizational development/effectiveness and leadership, and use my graduate training/skills and passion in my work roles.

You can contact Adrienne Lin, UX/UI designer from Minnesota, at adriennelin22@gmail.com.

You can contact Adrienne Lin, UX/UI designer from Minnesota, at adriennelin22@gmail.com.