Our Process

Our Process

Our Process

We work with CEOs, HR Directors, Wellness Coordinators, and other organizational leaders and managers with the following suite of assessments, research, and actions toward improved organizational health and return on investment.

Challenges faced by today’s organizations

  • Dealing with difficult employee
  • How to manage toxic workplace behavior
  • Managing risk around fairness and equity issues
  • Employees not feeling included, creating an inclusive workplace
  • Losing key talent through voluntary attrition
  • Lack of organizational citizenship, key teamwork behaviors
  • Employees not performing to their full potential
  • Leaders not providing a clear and compelling vision and mission
  • Lack of structure and clarity around creating challenging yet attainable goals
  • Recognizing destructive behaviors in the workplace

1. Information for Insights

Our measurement tools give you the power to make informed decisions on employee initiatives. Good data starts with good data collection. Our team of experts know how to develop surveys that tell the real story of your workforce.

We avoid jargon and translate your results to useful information that will equip you to make decisions that are good for your employees and good for business.

2. Decisions and Actions

We work with you to use your assessment results and co-create a plan that moves your organization towards its goals.

We actively collaborate with you to find the unique solution for your workplace. Helping you take a two-prong approach, we work to solve problems and build on your current strengths.

  • Individual Coaching
  • Team Development
  • Organizational Development

We will meet you where you are at to tailor a customized solution for you!

3. Measurable Results for ROI

We work with you to measure the effectiveness of our interventions, translating improved organizational health to sustainable business success.

  • Reduction in voluntary attrition
  • Higher productivity
  • Enhanced brand image, Employer of Choice!

Creating a positive, healthy organization requires sustained efforts toward understanding the needs of your team members, showing personal interest in their Well-Being at Work, and removing barriers to their ability to thrive and succeed.

By applying evidence-based decision making to improving your workplace climate, you simultaneously provide the foundation for measuring your ROI.  We will help you link your employee attitude initiatives and resulting changes to key business outcomes most of interest to you.  That way you can proceed with confidence that your team will have your back and bring enthusiastic sustained effort toward achieving your shared vision.

Workplace Climate -> Attitudes -> Behaviors -> Performance -> Results