Homelessness in Minnesota hits record high

Homelessness in Minnesota hits record high

Joe Colihan


Henry Lake (2019) of WCCO interviews Deb Moses, the new director of the House of Charity.  It’s definitely worth a 15-minute listen.  Many were surprised to see the homeless encampment set up along Hiawatha Avenue in recent months (Serres, 2018), but Deb notes that homeless encampments have long been a part of the Minnesota landscape, but others have been smaller and more well hidden.

In recent years, the lack of affordable health care and rising unemployment have increased the numbers of people lacking adequate housing or doubling up with relatives and friends.  Indeed, there is a statewide count of the homeless population conducted by Wilder Research every three years (Colihan, 2019), and the research confirms record high-numbers, with increases seen among those 55 and older. 

The House of Charity was founded in the early 1950’s by Tommy Kondrak, widely known later on as Brother De Paul.  It was conceived of as an alternative to other sources for a free meal that had work or faith requirements attached.  At House of Charity, now operating for seven decades, everyone is welcome every day, and the meals are delicious and nourishing.  Housing, counseling, and help with job searches and addictions are also provided.  Please reach out with any questions!  If you would like to make a donation or sign up to help serve a meal, visit www.houseofcharity.org.


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