Deniz Ones speaking at MPPAW

Deniz Ones speaking at MPPAW


 Joe Colihan

 Deniz Ones from the University of Minnesota is presenting Tuesday 15 April at the Courtyard Marriott in Minneapolis.  Deniz is an international recognized I-O Psychologist with dozens of research studies published over the years.  She built and delivers the pre-eminent course on meta analysis, the technique used to summarize multiple research studies for greater understanding.

 Deniz gave a wonderfully interesting talk about a major study she is leading sponsored by The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA).  Some years back you may have heard about Cambridge Analytica profiling Facebook users and their Facebook friends for election activities.  Work by them, Oracle, IBM, and other organizations has shown that you can estimate personality profile characteristics fairly accurately based on the people’s writing and social media behavior.  The next possible evolution of this is too use the Internet of Things to provide similar measures.  In theory, data from sensors, location data, movement, and connections among people could help estimate their personality and predicted performance.

 Welcome to the new age!