MPPAW and Christina Honsa touch SIOP fame

MPPAW and Christina Honsa touch SIOP fame

 Joe Colihan

The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) hold their annual conference this month in Washington DC.  For those interested in people research and issues in organizations, this is the premier organization. 

 At a more local level, many networking groups have sprung up over the years, including our own MPPAW – Minnesota Professionals for Psychology Applied to Work.  Yes, it’s a mouthful.  The name of the field is as well.  Just as an aside, SIOP voted in years past to change the name of the field.  I voted for Work Psychology, but in the end, they decided to keep the I-O moniker.  Try explaining what you do to your grandmother….

 MPPAW hit the big time with mention in the national SIOP pages.  An extract follows.

 It’s that time of year again.  Soon thousands of I-O psychologists will be descending upon the National Harbor to exchange knowledge, ideas, and learnings.  As the conference approaches, we are inspired by the theme “I am SIOP” that Talya Bauer championed throughout her term as SIOP president.  And, inspired by this vision, many SIOP members will choose to continue that energy once they return home through participation in a local I-O group.  Local I-O Groups throughout the country (and around the world) are living proof of the “I am SIOP” vision as they extend the learning, networking, and sharing into local communities.

 Over the past few years, the Local I-O Group Committee has encouraged those wanting to continue that journey in providing advice, support, and tools to those wanting to start or maintain a local group. Let’s be honest:  Starting up can be tough.  Finding a convenient time and place to meet is a challenging first priority.  But once that’s settled, the longer term and ongoing question always circles back to speakers, presentations, and topics.  This is a challenge for new as well as mature groups.


 Recognizing the importance of networking and community, MPPAW has created a leadership function specifically to facilitate networking events (you know…happy hours and parties and such). MPPAW members Christina Honsa (Consultant at Colihan Consulting) and Mikel Marzofka are currently serving as Member Engagement Officers and are tasked with planning and executing various social events for members outside of monthly meetings.  They also build relationships with local nonprofit organizations in order to cultivate volunteer opportunities for members.

 That’s right, our own Christina Honsa made the national news!  Additionally, Christina just earned her Master’s degree in I-O Psychology.  Our hats off to you!


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