Homelessness in Minnesota Is Increasing

Homelessness in Minnesota Is Increasing

 Joe Colihan

I had the honor of participating in the 2018 Minnesota Homeless Study (Wilder Research, 2018).  Several thousand people from across the state are interviewed in this project that has continued once every three years since 1991.  People are interviewed in homeless shelters, domestic-violence shelters, transitional housing programs, encampments, hot-meal programs, etc. 

Research shows the highest count yet of 10,233, slightly up from the 2012 peak of 10,214.  This number includes 3,265 children.  Some other research highlights:

Those aged 24 and younger represent nearly half (46%) of the total number

Children and youth remain over-represented among the homeless relative to their populations in the state

Two-thirds of the homeless are in the Twin-Cities metro area, 1/3 in greater Minnesota

The number of families experiencing homelessness decreased 5% since 2015

The number of homeless adults aged 55 and old increased 25% since 2015

The number of people not in a formal shelter increased 62% since 2015

Further results (e.g., including in-depth interview summaries) will be available later this year.  You can find out more at www.wilderresearch.org and two recent articles from the Star Tribune (2019). As Paul Wellstone once said, we all do better when we all do better.  Many thanks to organizations like Second Harvest, People Serving People, and House of Charity for helping to address growing needs and promoting the common good. 


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