People research news from Colihan Consulting, 6 Dec 2018

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“The changing face of diversity” by Colihan and Lundby covers the evolution of diversity efforts in organizations.  The concepts have evolved into D&I, adding inclusion into the mix.  Research shows strong links between a sense of belonging with well-being and performance placing inclusion right at the heart of organizational health. 

Also, don’t forget to check out the People and Strategy blog over at SHRM.  Schulzetenberg and Colihan review strategies that leaders can use to foster Fairness and Well-Being at Work.

It’s been about a year since the #MeToo movement started with revelations about Harvey Weinstein and others.  Michael Caine observed that, at least within the acting profession, the dynamic has changed radically.  Knowing that bad behavior may land them in next day’s news may be leading to a new era of greater respect all around.  “One Year After #MeToo and 'Weinstein Effect': What's Changed?”

The EEOC reports that claims of sexual harassment and damages paid are up over the last year.  Need further convincing to pay attention to workplace climate issues and dealing with bad behavior?  Follow:

Colihan Consulting participated in the SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Conference in Atlanta.  It was SHRM’s third D&I conference, and was sold-out again, with nearly 1,000 HR Professionals learning, networking, and promoting the common good.

Finally, joining our little team is John Colby.  Welcome John! 

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Joe Colihan, Anthony Schulzetenberg, Christina Honsa, & John Colby