MPPAW meeting held in Minneapolis 20 Feb 2018

The Minnesota Professionals for Psychology Applied to Work was held this week at the Marriott in Minneapolis.  Elise Amel conducted a fabulous session on sustainability.  The triple-bottom line appraisal idea encourages measuring company success based on shareholder value or economic concerns balanced with social and environmental impact.  If you imagine the Venn diagram, the overlap of economic/social/environmental factors is a small space.  In sustainability terms, given that this is our only home, economic concerns can only exist within a social and environmental context.

Elise encourages bringing sustainability and the greater good into our organizations when we can, and has done the same at the University of St. Thomas, getting students and faculty involved in projects to create a better system.

Next MPPAW meeting will be on 20 Mar 2018, with Evan Sinar from DDI talking about data visualization: .