Speaking of sustainability...

Elise Amel is among the few I-O researchers taking the profession into the new age.  She and her colleagues wrote Psychology for Sustainability, a great read about changing mindsets and getting into the details on upstream solutions.  The sell for businesses is easy, the triple-bottom line framework is not only good for the greater good, it will help your business be sustainable, and who doesn't want that?  

Elise has also coauthored a review of the difficulties of addressing these issues, especially when the larger systems "...encourage, support, and reinforce overly consumptive, wasteful, and polluting lifestyles, particularly in the industrialized world."  Is it not in our nature to coordinate collective actions?  Perhaps adapting to somewhat unnatural urban modern living has left us disconnected from what might otherwise be obvious to us.  After all, we evolved a keen sense of fight or flight based on immediate threats, but we seem ill equipped to deal with long term imbalances.


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