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Assessing Well-being as Part of the Workplace Climate

Our Process

We work with CEOs, HR Directors, Wellness Coordinators, and other organizational leaders and managers with the following suite of assessments, research, and actions toward improved organizational health and return on investment.

Employees’ behaviors influence the health of an organization; therefore, measuring attitudes that predict employee behavior is an essential step in achieving organizational health.

Conventional engagement surveys are inadequate because they narrowly focus on an employee’s relationship to their work. 

In contrast, the Colihan Workplace Climate Assessment takes a wider scope, to better understand the overall well-being of the employee as well as factors (including engagement) that affect well-being.  This holistic approach can give organizations more accurate insights into how their workforce is thriving and where they should direct resources to thwart employee burnout and turnover. 


Our measurement tools give you the power to make informed decisions on employee initiatives. Good data starts with good data collection. Our team of experts know how to develop surveys that tell the real story of your workforce.

We avoid jargon and translate your results to useful information that will equip you to make decisions that are good for your employees and good for business.