Organizational Health through Employee Well-Being

Beyond Engagement.  We are a data and evidence-based global company located in the US that helps managers become heroes to employees while making well-being initiatives good for business. 


Challenges and opportunities:

Do you have high voluntary attrition rates or have you lost key team members? > We apply I-O psychology to reduce staff turnover!

Have you heard whispers about aggressive leaders or hostile conditions? > Our focus is your organizational health!

Are you focusing on Engagement but missing out on Well-Being? > Expand your thinking beyond the old models.

At Colihan we help you take a pulse, diagnose and fix that unseen climate challenge and enhance organizational performance.

“Colihan Consulting provided significantly innovative ideas for us to merge workplace climate data with user experience data for our commercial application. This allowed us to optimize our solution to work toward a more holistic product with improved expected outcomes.” ASTER Labs (8 Mar 2019).

“Colihan Consulting worked with us to integrate a few key I&D [Inclusion & Diversity] questions into our existing research program.  Comparisons to national benchmarks and a creative tailored solution helped us improve understanding and make our I&D programs better.” Unum Group (19 Apr 2019).

“The team at Colihan Consulting partnered with House of Charity this year to deliver our 2019 survey.  They integrated our 2016 results while making improvements to the survey, and helped provide focus for strategic planning efforts…your expertise and process really streamlined our approach to this and improved the quality of our results and how they are presented.”  (House of Charity, 23 Apr 2019).

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